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The Research Center of the Westfjords is a research unit within the University of Iceland. We conduct research on marine and coastal resources from a broad, and often interdisciplinary, perspective. Currently our research focuses on fish biodiversity and maritime archaeology. You can read on to find out more about select ongoing projects below. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in any research in the Westfjords of Iceland.

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Dutch whaling and trading in Iceland

A project that examines the extent of Dutch trading and whaling in Iceland during in the 17th and 18th centuries, how whaling and trading in the North Atlantic were interrelated and how Dutch whalers and traders impacted Icelandic society through trade.

Contact: Ragnar Edvardsson

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Mapping the submerged heritage of Iceland

We use side-scan sonar and multibeam echosounder to map underwater heritage sites to gain better understanding of shipwrecks and other heritage sites in the waters around Iceland. The focus is mainly in areas around trading sites, fishing- and whaling stations.

Contact: Ragnar Edvardsson


Movement patterns and environmental preferences of migratory and resident Atlantic cod juveniles

We propose to use acoustic telemetry, behavioral and environmental choice experiments, and genomic analysis to examine if juvenile cod of different migratory genotypes differ in behavior, environmental preferences, habitat use and distribution across ontogeny.

Contact: Guðbjörg Ásta Ólafsdóttir


Historical ecology of marine fish populations

An interdisciplinary project that examines variation in common North Atlantic fish species, with a focus on Atlantic cod, across the last Millennium. We use biochemical (for example stable isotopes), biological (for example otolith analysis) and genetic methods on zooarchaeological material from historical fishing sites.

Contact: Guðbjörg Ásta Ólafsdóttir or Ragnar Edvardsson


Juvenile gadid nursery grounds

We use spatial and temporal sampling, analysis of stomach content and stable isotopes as well as acoustic telemetry to examine overlap in resource and habitat use of cohorts of juvenile Atlantic cod and saithe.

Contact: Guðbjörg Ásta Ólafsdóttir or Anja Nickel


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