The University of Iceland, Research Centre in the Westfjords can offer use of laboratory bench space, including stereo microscopes and other research facilities (see examples below) on a collaborative basis. Please contact Guðbjörg Ásta Ólafsdóttir for information.


Fishing gear and biological sampling

We currently own a set of ecological gill nets, small fish gill nets, beach seines and minnow traps as well as sampling equipment for marine invertebrates. Our benthic sampling is often done by divers.


Wet lab/fish lab

Our fish lab is equipped with holding capacity of 100-200 small fish in environmentally controlled individual tanks (2.8-9.0l), experimental tanks for behavior, Loligo choice tank with environmental controls for temperature and salinity and storage tanks.


Underwater search and mapping

We currently own a Gemini 720i multibeam, Star Fish 452 side scan sonar, a CDT recorder and an all weather field computer that we use for underwater mapping projects.


Acoustic telemetry receivers

We own a set of 40 Vemco 180kHz acoustic receivers and 28 Vemco 69kHz receivers with deployment buoys