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Dr. Guðbjörg Ásta Ólafsdóttir

Director and research scientist

Guðbjörg is a biologist with a broad interests in evolutionary ecology. Her research focuses on how ecological, environmental and anthropological factors pattern biological variation between and within animal populations. In recent years her research has primarily focused on commercial fish populations as she seeks to understand how variation within populations, and between individuals, factors into management and conservation of fish stocks.

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Dr. Ragnar Edvardsson

Research scientist

Ragnar is an archaeologist specializing in maritime archaeology. His main interests lie in the marine and coastal resources of Iceland and their importance in past economy. Ragnar also enjoys searching for and discovering submerged heritage in the subarctic sea.

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Anja Katrin Nickel

PhD student

Anja is passionate about marine conservation and is currently working on her doctorate examining resource use of juvenile Atlantic cod and saithe. Her methods include, spatial sampling, analysis of stomach content, stable isotopes and telemetry.

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Theresa Henke

PhD student

Theresa has burning interest in the introduction pathway of the European flounder in Iceland and how it's recent introduction is effecting the ecosystem. She aims to answer these questions with her PhD project applying, for example, eDNA and acoustic tagging.

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